Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Fair-ly Good

In October the annual Helsinki Book Fair took place in the Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre. For four days the largest hall of the centre was filled with various book-related stalls. About 77 000 people visited the fair. That was a new record! In addition to the book fair there was also a music fair and a food and wine fair. Being a librarian I spent a good amount of time at the book fair (if you want to read more about the book fair & see two pictures I took there, go over to my book blog), but, of course, I also wanted to visit the food and wine fair. And I was not dissapointed! I found some new specialist stores I want to visit later and ended up buying three bars of fine Belgian chocolate and a nice tin of macha. I have wanted to try baking with macha for some time now (I just love the colour! :)) and now I finally found some. I would love to hear of any great macha recipes, if any of you know any?

Otherwise my life this autumn has really been about work and dancing. Autumn somehow always is the busiest time at work, and I and Mr. Dance Partner also had the Finnish 10-Dance Championships to prepare for. The championships were held here in Helsinki on October 31st, and I am very happy to tell you that we won the senior class for the third year in a row! :) Below is a picture of us after the competition.

And I hope to be back with a recipe next week.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Congrats, that's awesome! You look great!



Tiina said...

Thanks, Rosa! :)


5 Star Foodie said...

Congratulations! How wonderful!

Dia said...

Congradulations! You look SO beautiful & so happy!
I love to dance (no competition, lol) & have been taking ballroom classes as they've been offered the last 10 years or so - & a weekly ballet class :) Would love to see pics of you during the competition!

toni said...

You go, girl! Congrats on your win, and aren't you looking as cute as they get?

I love book fairs as much as I love food fairs. I try to drive up to the L.A. Festival of Books each year. What a treat! And what goes better than books and chocolate?

Tiina said...

5 Star Foodie, thank you!

Dia, thanks! Unfortunately I don't have any real "action pictures" yet.

Thanks, Toni! And, yes, books and chocolate are pretty much the perfect combination! :)


anya said...

Tiina, you look gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations!! I'll have yet another chocolate tartlet from the bakery for your success! :)

Tiina said...

Thank you, Anya! A chocolate tartlet sounds mouthwateringly excellent! :)


Sophie said...

Congratulations dancing queen!

You & your partner look great! A lovely outfit too!

Enjoy the glory,...3 times in a row!!

Tiina said...

Sophie, thank you! :)