Friday, 31 July 2009

Ljubljana: The Central Market Place

I spent last week vacationing in Slovenia. It was my second visit to that beautiful country. You will find some pictures of my first visit to Ljubljana here. This time I spent a few days in Ljubljana and a couple more in Portoroz on the west coast. The weather could not have been much better. Sun, sun and more sun, and temperatures around +30 degrees Centigrade! :) I took tons of pictures, though many of them are tennis pictures (I timed my vacation so that I could watch the Banka Koper Slovenia Open women's professional tennis tournament in Portoroz), but there are more than enough of more touristy shots, too. Cinnamonda being a food blog I thought to start with sharing with you some pictures I took of the central market place in Ljubljana.

The central market is situated quite near the most important square of the city, the Preseren's Square (Presernov trg in Slovene), and the famous landmark Triple Bridge (Tromostovje). Actually, from Preseren's Square you cross the Triple Bridge, turn left, and there you are on the market place. The actual outdoor market is situated between a beautiful market hall building designed by the famous Slovenian architect Joze Plecnik and the Ljubljana cathedral. On the market, not only food products, but also clothing, some arts and crafts, and souvenirs are sold. There is also a milk automat on one side of the market place!

About the pictures:
Above: a melon stand at the market. Aren't those watermelons beautiful!
1. Part of Plecnik's colonnade and market hall seen from the Triple Bridge.
2. The market hall seen from the other side. Each door hides a little shop or cafe. Some of the shops are specialized in selling horse meat.
3. The market place in the evening. The Roman Catholic Cathedral can be seen in the background.
4. Some tables folded away for the night.
5. At the end of a market day. Products on sale or perhaps a resting place for the vendor?
6. Apples on sale.
7. The market place seen from the castle mount.
8. The other end of the market hall seen from the Dragon Bridge (Zmajski most).


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Thanks for sharing! A great place!



Alejandra said...

I LOVE that photo of the melon stand. So brilliantly colored!

Tiina said...

Yes, it is, Rosa! :)

Thanks Alejandra! There were some of the largest watermelons I've ever seen on that market!


Cynthia said...

Thanks for taking us on the trip with you.

busy91 said...

Found my way over from the book blog. I saw that you went to Ljubljana and I just had to see real pictures (not doctored ones) of the place. It is as beautiful as I have seen elsewhere. Sounds like you had a good time, thanks for sharing the trip and the pictures.

Ana Powell said...

Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing them with us x

Tiina said...

It was a great trip, Cynthia, and it's fun to share some pictures with you all.

Welcome to my blog busy91! Yes, Ljubljana is a beautiful city, especially the old town.

Thank you, Ana, for your kind words!


anya said...

Tiina, what a wonderful time you must have had in Slovenia!!

That watermelon stand is just killing me. I want watermelons. Now. :)

As to those scones, I just need to say that you indeed should make them too. :) They are insanely simple and good. Only you'll need 2lemons, not one, to net 2 tsp lemon zest. :)


Tiina said...

Anya, I saw the largest watermelons I have ever seen there! I've actually been eating watermelons almost every day since my trip. :)
And, yes, thank you for the reminder, I bought 2 lemons. :)


Terri B. said...

What wonderful pictures! I don't know if I had ever even heard of Slovenia until you mentioned it. Of course, then I had to go looking it up to see what I've been missing! It looks like a lovely place to vacation.

Tiina said...

Thanks, Terri! It is a beautiful country.