Sunday, 21 June 2009

What You Leave Behind...

We have a saying in Finnish "minkä taakseen jättää, sen edestään löytää". The literal translation would be "what you leave behind, you will find in front of you", meaning of course that if you leave something you should do undone, you are only postponing the inevitable. Well, I really should have defreezed my freezer a long time ago. Winter would have been an ideal time to do that, but... but...

I do admit defreezing the freezer is not one of my favorite things, neither is washing the dishes (thank God for dishwashers!) or vacuuming the apartment, but those are tasks you simply have to do (unless, of course, you can afford to pay someone else to do those things for you, which is not the case here, or you want to live in your own filth, which is not the case here either). Some of those tasks you have to do more often, some, like the defreezing, luckily not so very often. But even that has to be done sometime! And I guess my time to do it is now. Or as soon as I have consumed all the food I have in the freezer. You see, winter would have been a better time for this. It would not have been necessary to worry about food going bad. I could just have loaded my French balcony with all the food I have in the freezer and below zero Centigrade temperature outside would have kept it all in perfectly freezed state to but back in the freezer afterwards. Not so during the summer. So, I am eating, or rather baking, my way towards an empty freezer. And then I will, I promise, I swear that I will defreeze the freezer.

It so happened that among the freezed ingredients waiting to be used were some apple slices, cranberries and blueberries. I put them in good use and baked a cake. And this kind of cake needs a nice sauce, so, I also made some chocolate sauce. Remember the 3 second mayo -recipe I posted some time ago? On the same cooking course I also learned the world's easiest chocolate sauce recipe. Hmm, maybe the course should have been called "the world's easiest cooking course"... Anyway, forget melting chocolate etc. This sause works just as fine and it is so easy to make!

Chocolate Sauce

3 dl water
1 dl cocoa powder, preferably Green & Black's
1,5 dl sugar
50 g cold butter, diced

1. Mix water, cocoa powder and sugar.
2. Let boil for 10 minutes in a pan without a lid.
3. Add the butter.
4. Mix until smooth.
Fruit & Berry Cake

Recipe adapted from Menu à la carte (Easy Menu Planner) ed. Joanne Holliman

2-3 apples, sliced
2-3 handfuls of berries (blueberries&cranberries)
60 g butter
0,5 dl sugar
1 egg, slightly beaten
2,5 dl wheat flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
0,5 dl water (or milk)
30 g butter for decoration
1 tablespoon sugar for decoration

1. Pre-heat the oven to 175 Centigrade.
2. Butter a 20 cm cake tin.
3. Mix butter & sugar well in a bowl.
4. Add egg. Beat well.
5. Add flour & water by folding them into the mixture carefully with a spoon.
6. Spoon the batter into the tin.
7. Place the apple slices on top of the batter so that they make a circle. Place the berries into the centre. See picture below.
8. Bake for 20 minutes or until a tooth pick inserted into the cake comes out clean.
9. Brush the cake with melted butter and sprinkle with sugar.
10. Serve warm (or cold) with warm (or cold) chocolate sauce.


maybelle's mom said...

looks delicious--and thanks for visiting. But, what are granberries?

Cinnamonda said...

Oops!! A spelling mistake, Maybelle's mom. I meant cranberries. :)


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A wonderful cake! So scrumptious looking!



5 Star Foodie said...

Delicious cake with apples and berries! Very nice for summer!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Have a great weeekend!



liisamarja said...

gosh, i'm also in the process of baking my way towards an empty freezer, except i have 3 of them!!! i have so many blueberries and chantarelles left and there is a limit on how many pies one can eat, don't you think?

Cynthia said...

I too hate cleaning my freezer but I like the way in which you are cleaning yours - baking delicious stuff!

Anya said...

Now, that reminds me I've got to defrost my freezer, too. Of course. :)

Tiina said...

Thanks 5 Star Foodie! Yes, this pie is perfect for warm summer evenings.

Thanks Rosa, and wonderful weekend to you, too!

Hei Liisamarja! Kiitos kommentista & tervetuloa blogiini! Thanks for the comment & welcome to my blog! Yes, there is a limit even for eating pies, and you don't want to end up freezing all those pies just when you are trying to empty the freezer! :)

Hi Cynthia! Yes, I try to make (or rather bake :)) the best of the task!

Hi Anya! I hope your task is easier than mine. And thanks for your comment on my book blog!

Greetings from very sunny Helsinki :),

Kevin said...

That fruit and berry cake looks really good!

Tiina said...

Thanks, Kevin! It did taste good. :)