Tuesday, 25 November 2008

And Then It Was Winter

All of a sudden Helsinki is the winter wonderland: white, pristine, beautiful, trees covered in snow as if wrapped in intricate lace. This does not happen so often at this time of the year. We often don't get much snow before Christmas, but then sometimes it is like this, and I remember why I like winter. I don't like the cold or the darkness, but I love the beauty of new snow, I love to sit inside and look at snowflakes falling from the sky, building maps of unknown continents on my windows.

Yes, winter in Helsinki is a time of cold weather, a time of darkness -and a time of warmth and light! The warmth of people, friends and family, the light of lanterns and candles and -like today- of pristine snow.

Well, not to become too poetic about it, I'm afraid the snow will melt soon, but it does look very pretty just now!

I guess at the moment large parts of Europe are white. I have heard of wintry weather and snow in Estonia, the Netherlands and Slovenia. Estonia and Finland had a big snowstorm last weekend.

It was windy in Amsterdam, but to come back home and find the weather had turned freezing was kind of a shock! But now, after the storm, these past two days, it's been just so... well, I said it already :) ... beautiful!

But I promised you to write some more about Amsterdam. Amsterdam is known for great Indonesian and Chinese restaurants. Last week I had the opportunity to visit Srikandi, an Indonesian restaurant and art gallery, with Anya from Godful Food, and to taste my first ever ricetable! It was, in fact, the first time I ate Indonesian food. Srikandi is a very nice little restaurant located in a beautiful old building by a canal (lots of canals in Amsterdam :)). The ricetable tasted very good, service was friendly and knowledgable and I was in good company. :) It was a very nice evening.

Here are some photos I took while in Amsterdam. Enjoy!


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What beautiful places! I love winter...



jesse said...

Your pictures leave me breathless. You're so talented!

maybelle's mom said...

oh, I would love to try that Indonesian meal--I have never heard of it, but now want to recreate it.

Cynthia said...

Your pictures make me want to visit.

anya said...

Tiina, you nailed it down - the beauty of the first snow, your own feel of belonging with the time, with your dear ones. You made me nostalgic. You are a soulful writer, do you know that? Keep it up! Please.

Cinnamonda said...

Thank you, Rosa. Proper winter is so nice. Unfortunately the snow here did melt.

Oh, thank you Jesse! I'm glad you like the pictures.

Maybelle's mom, the idea has crossed my mind, too, but it would be a pretty daunting task, I fear! But it would also be fun to think, what would be, say, a Finnish alternative for the ricetable? Mashed potato table, maybe? :) :)

Oh, you shold, Cynthia! Amsterdam is a beautiful city.

Thank you so much for your kind words, Anya! Coming from a wonderful writer like yourself, I feel honoured.


mikky said...

thanks for sharing your town with us, it's really very beautiful... how blessed you are... :)