Saturday, 24 May 2008

Tuna In Disguise

I have been eating lots of salads again. They are so easy to make, refreshing and all in all they simply taste good! When tossing together a salad I usually follow my own "2 greens -rule". That means that as a base I use two different green salads, and more often than not one of the two is iceberg lettuce as I simply like it most! :) In additions to the 2 greens I almost always use either tomatoes or cucumber or both, some kind of cheese, nuts or seeds and only very rarely any salad dressing. This time I wanted a bit more fulfilling salad so I added some tuna, but this tuna was so well hidden behind a simple disguise of some spices that eventhough I knew I was eating a tuna salad my eyes and brain said "noooo, it's chicken"!

Tuna in Disguise Salad

Serves 2-3

2 green salads of your choice (=large bunch of both) washed and shredded by hand
100 g mozzarella pearls or mozzarella cut into small cubes
some cucumber cut into small cubes
pumpkin seeds (roast them if you want to, I was too hungry to do it :))
seedless green grapes, cut in two
a can of tuna
ground ginger and turmeric
olive and sesame oil

1. Pour some olive and sesame oli into a pan and add the ground ginger and turmeric. Mix.
2. Add the tuna and mix until the fish gets a beautiful yellow colour. Let cool.
3. While the tuna is cooling combine all the other ingredients in a salad bowl.
4. Add the tuna.
5. Enjoy, preferably with some rye bread.


anya said...

Light salads have been my staple lately! And as far as I also love tuna, your way to disguise it in 'spices blanket' is absolutely smart (sometimes canned tuna might be a way too overwhelming indeed)!

Cinnamonda said...

Thanks, Anya!