Saturday, 31 May 2008

Picks of the Month May 08

This month I have especially enjoyed these posts:

1. Pioneer Woman's flowerpot desserts. What a fun and ingenious way to serve ice cream!

2. White on Rice Couple's tour of their garden. It's a brillant video and it stars the cutest four legged villan there is!! :) Plus the garden is lovely, too. :)

3. Kajal of Aaplemint's decadent Napoleons.

4. Heidi of 101 Cookbooks' Warm and nutty cinnamon quinoa looks so delicious!

5. Red Wine-Poached Rhubarb recipe featured on David Lebovitz's site.

Oh my, and I could go on... :) So many great recipes out there in the blogosphere! I better stop at these five though, otherwise this will not be "picks of the month" but "a history of Cinnamonda's surfing on the food sites in this month of May"! :)


White On Rice Couple said...

Thanks for watching our video! :)
Also a big thanks for sharing these great recipes for all of us to enjoy.

Kate / Kajal said...

Heya Tiina, thanks so much for mentioning my post. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it.

Simply...Gluten-free said...

Nice post, thanks for pointing us to great blog posts.

maybelles parents said...

tiina--it has been a while. i hope all is well...

Cinnamonda said...

Thanks everyone! And Maybelles parents, yes, I'm fine, just been otherwise occupied. :)