Sunday, 9 March 2008

Orange Rice

Orange Rice, appelsiiniriisi in Finnish, is something my mother used to make for me when I was little, so it brings back nostalgic memories of family dinners on lazy Sunday afternoons, but it never really has lost its magic for me. It still is one of my favorite desserts. And it is sooo easy to make!

As my mother always made her appelsiiniriisi without any sugar I grew accustomed to the more sour version of this dessert. Feel free to add some sugar, though.

Orange Rice

2 dl whipping cream
4 dl white rice, cooked and cooled (preferably refridgerator cool)
3 juicy oranges
(some sugar)

1. Whip the cream until it is quite stiff.
2. Peel the oranges so that you also remove most of the skin from the backs of the sections.

3. Using a sharp knive cut the peeled oranges into small pieces. Remove any excess juice. Add the pieces of orange into the bowl containing the whipped cream.

4. Take the cooked rice from the refridgerator. Mesure 4 dl:s and add into the bowl. Add sugar if you are using any.
Mix properly with a spoon.

5. Enjoy!


anya said...
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anya said...

I'm sorry I accidentally deleted my comment.

Here we go again..:)

Oh, rice orange! It must taste just great!!

There is always such a nice twist in your recipes, and this is one of the many things about you I marvel at!!!

P.S. You should come to Moscow now to see how she's changed. ;)

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That's an original and different kind of rice pudding! Delicious and fresh!



Cinnamonda said...

Hi Anya, thank you! :) And yes, maybe I will visit Moscow again some day. I'm sure the city has changed a lot since I were there as a child.

Hi Rosa, thanks! :) Orange rice really is a very refreshing dessert, especially so, if you don't add any sugar.


White On Rice Couple said...

Rice, orange and cream! I can see so many other potential possibilities to your beautiful dessert. How about some mango?
I love the name Orange Rice, but would really love to be able to say "appelsiiniriisi " !

Simply...Gluten-free said...

Oh Yum! So simple and elegant. I am so gonna try this!

Cynthia said...

This reminds me of rice pudding :)

M&Ms... said...

Very similar dish is available as dessert in most indian restaurants...aah but they load it up with sugar. I should try your version. Sounds nice..especially if there are some naturally sweet oranges!

Cinnamonda said...

Hi White on Rice Couple! I think mango would be great, also pineapple or strawberries...

Hi Simply...Gluten-Free! Yes, it's very easy to make. I'm glad you liked my recipe!

Hi Cynthia! Yes, I guess it does. Rice puding is not so common here, though, more often we cook rice porridge. Hmm... You gave me the idea of featuring a recipe for Finnish style rice porridge some time! :)

Hi m&ms! That's interesting to hear! I did not know that. And you definitely should try the sugarless version! Naturally sweet and juicy oranges are the best for orange rice.


maybellesmom said...

This looks so yummy. I will try it as a dessert for Sunday dinner. Though, might add pomegranate...btw, i made finally started testing cardamom and rhubarb, but in little tiny pies. I know that I will make the rhubarb cardamom meringues soon.

Cinnamonda said...

Hi, Maybellesmom! I'm so glad you like this recipe! Do let me know what you and yours tought of it after you have tried it. And adding pomegranate sounds just great! I'm looking forward to hearing more about your rhubarb and cardomom tests! I cannot try and make the meringues myself until the rhubarb season starts here, and that is still some time away...


Mirva Lauttamus said...

Aww. Now I have an urge to fight the wind and piles of snow, to get to the store and buy porrige rice for this. It looks absolutely delicious.

Cinnamonda said...

Hei Mirva!

Kiitos kommentista! Thanks for your comment! I actually did not have any porridge rice at home when I made this, I used basmati, and it worked just fine. :)