Sunday, 2 March 2008

Little Chocolate Puddings

It was my intention to post a lunch recipe today, a simple, sombre, very easy-to-make tofu lunch recipe to be exact, but... somehow I ended up spending yesterday afternoon browsing cookbooks with lots of recipes that use chocolate, and... then I just absolutely had to try one of those recipes... and... Yes, I know, Tiina and chocolate...more self-discipline might be good! ;)

Anyways, to let you all join in the chocolately fun, out it was with the lunch recipe and in it was with a recipe for extra lovely, super rich, wonderfully moist... ok, now I ran out of superlatives ;)... chocolate puddings!

The recipe I used is from a lovely book
"Maittavat suklaaherkut" by Parragon Books. It is one of the cheapest cookbooks I've ever bought and more than worth every one of those few euros it cost me!

The original recipe is for 6, but I halved the amount of every incredient, and as I used 2,5 dl ramekins, there was just the right amount of batter for 2 puddings.

Little Chocolate Puddings

These are the original amounts of ingredients, so if you are using 2,5 dl ramekins, you should end up with 4 puddings. If using smaller ca. 2 dl ramekins, you should get 6 puddings.

125 g soft (unsalted) butter
150 g brown sugar
3 eggs
a pinch of salt
25 g cocoa powder
125 g flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
25 g dark chocolate
75 g white chocolate

1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Centigrade.
2. Cut the chocolate into small pieces.
3. Butter your ramekins slightly.
4. Using an electric mixer mix the butter and sugar properly.
5. Add the eggs into the sugar-butter mixture one by one. After each addition beat the mixture well (I mixed for 2,5 minutes after each egg.).
6. Using a spoon mix the salt, flour, baking powder and cocoa powder in a bowl. Add the pieces of chocolate and mix again.
7. Divide the batter between the ramekins.
8. Cut a square of foil for each ramekin and butter the squares. Use the buttered foil squares as lids for the ramekins. Try to make the lids as tight as possible by pressing their edges around the ramekins.
9. Boil some water in a pan.
10. Set the covered ramekins into a deep baking pan and add boiling water around them. The water should reach half way up the sides of the ramekins.
11. Bake in 180 C for 50 minutes or until a tooth pick pressed into a pudding comes out clean.
12. Take the puddings from the oven and let cool a little before removing them from the ramekins.
13. Serve warm, preferably with cold custard or ice cream.

If you are saving some of the puddings for the next day, let them stay in the ramekins and only remove them before serving. Rewarm the puddings in the microwave.

I served my puddings with...hmm, let's call it my hazelnut-chocolate custard from the freezer. ;) Actually it was something that later became the very first succesfull ice cream I've ever made!! :) :) :) I'll tell you more about that later, but the thing was that when my puddings were ready to be served, the ice cream that I hoped to serve with them was still more of a custard than an ice cream and I was too impatient to wait, so I just spooned some of the "ice-cream-in-progress" on top of my puddings!


anya said...

Ohhh, chocolate pudding and hazelnut-chocolate ice cream...Awwww, now it's my turn to feel jeolous. Tiina, your treat looks absolutely gorgeous!!

Cinnamonda said...

Thank you, Anya, for your kind words! The puddings were delicious! :)


Priscilla said...

Oh Tiina...what a delicious looking dessert! A piece right now sounds um, good! *smile*

Toni said...

OK.....I'm done trying to lose weight. I want some of that pudding!!

Cynthia said...

It looks like a fluffy souffle popping over the ramekin :)

rowena said...

Oooooh! Chocolate puddings with hazelnut-chocolate to-be-ice cream? (swoons)

Words of advice: Read more chocolate cookbooks!

Kate / Kajal said...

i'm such a sucker for chocolate. There isn't a day when i don't have some ... in any form . This is just another divine way to get a chocolate fix. Yumm :)

Simply...Gluten-free said...

So pretty! You have inspired me to come up with a gluten free version.

aforkfulofspaghetti said...

Yum! I like the idea of adding in white chocolate, too - a bit of a twist on the usual. Must give it a try...

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Wonderful puddings! That last picture makes me drool!



White On Rice Couple said...

White chocolate sounds great to it! Love your glass ramekin!

Annemarie said...

Ignoring other recipes for the sake of chocolate puddings is rarely a wrong decision. :)

maybellesmom said...

i love everything little. yum.

Cinnamonda said...

Thank you so much all of you for your kind comments!


Deborah said...

These look delicious! I love how they have risen out of the ramekins.

Cinnamonda said...

Yes, the puddings rised really well! :) Thanks for visiting my blog, Deborah!