Saturday, 15 March 2008

An Egg Is Just an Egg or Is It?

Easter is only some days away, and food stores and various supermarkets are bursting with all kinds of Easter candy: little chocolate bunnies, huge chocolate bunnies, middle-sized chocolate bunnies, and tinsel covered chocolate eggs in all sizes with plastic trinkets or toys inside. I'm sorry to say, but I think most of those eggs, bunnies or whatever are made of second-rate chocolate and really are not worth the money. I hardly ever buy any of those Easter "treats". But look at these beauties in the picture above! These I could eat as many as... well, actually I couldn't, because they are the real thing and one (okay two :)) are all you need to be blissfully, perfectly full of some of the best nougat there is!

They look so innocent and humble, don't they? Well, do not let their simple exterior fool you! These are Mignon eggs, produced by Fazer. Karl Fazer brought the idea for these eggs to Finland in 1896 from Germany, and Mignon eggs have been part of Easter in Finland ever since. During the reign of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, who until 1917 was also the Grand Duke of Finland, mignon eggs were also given to the Tsar and his family during Easter time. Okay, enough of the history part, could not help myself, as I find the history behind the Mignons quite interesting, and I am, might as well admit it, a history buff! :) Actually I have an MA in history.:)

Back to the eggs, then. Although, talking about eggs and the imperial Russia, we could also spend some time talking about the other eggs... or are you all already at sleep? You are? O-kay then. Cho-co-la-te! CHO-CO-LA-TE! CHO-CO-LA-TE EGGS, ANYONE????? Sorry, did I wake you up?

Actually, as I already mentioned, the Mignons are filled with nougat. An ordinary hen's egg is emptied, and the shell is filled with nougat and sealed with a sugar "cork". The white ones a smaller and are sold most everywhere here already well before Easter. The brown ones are the same size as regular eggs and they are sold only at Fazer's Café during the Easter season.

Mingons are so good they make even my troll collection smile! :) These eggs are my ultimate Easter treat, what's yours?


Annemarie said...

How clever! These look fabulous.

White On Rice Couple said...

What a great ode to the egg. For easter, it's really not about the eggs, but all about the bar-b-que!! We're treating everyone to a bar-b-que party at our house. Tiina, you are always invited! Will ya be in the US?

rowena said...

Your troll collection is too cute, and I must agree that the majority of easter candies spilling over the supermarket shelves ARE of bleh quality. (Lindt, are you listening to me?). I still buy them though, for the darn *cute* factor, and because they make instant "props" for a photo shoot.

Now these Mignon eggs are something new to me. Nougat in an eggshell, fancy that!

anya said...

Your trolls are so cute and charming! :) And mingnons are beyond any words! Have never seen such a treasure in Russia. *sigh*

Thanks for historical tidbits in your post!! ;)

Tiina, with a great pleasure I've passed a reward to you!!! Please check my blog for more details.

Cinnamonda said...

And they taste really good, Annemarie!:)

Thanks for the invitation, White on rice couple!:)I'm yet to cross The Pond.:) Maybe I will some day.

Thanks Rowena and Anya! My trolls say hi! :)

Rowena, I agree with the cute factor of many Easter candies. I actually was rather tempted this year to buy some super cute chocolate lambs! They had them both in white and dark chocolate, but the lambs were also rather pricey, so in the end I resisted the temptation. :)

Anya, at least some of Fazer's chocolates are sold also in Russia, so maybe they sell Mignons, too...Maybe you could ask from Stockmann's department store in Moscow... And thank you so much for the award! I'm truly honoured!

Easter greetings,

rowena said...

Buona Pasqua!!