Friday, 1 February 2008

You Say a Cup, I say 2,3659 desilitres!

Some of my favorite recipes are from cookbooks or websites that use American cooking measurements. By now I have baked Heidi's holiday cupcakes enough times to know by heart approximately how many dls is 1 or 1/2 or 1 1/2 cups, but it is a pain, a small one, but a pain nevertheless, to have to do some calculations every time I want to bake something from a "non-metric recipe". And of course, the same applies the other way round, if you are used to cups and ounces and would like to bake using a "metric recipe".

Also I might be able convert cups to desilitres, but! 1 cup equals to 2,3659 dls. If your average metric measurement cup gives you wholes and halves then 2,4 or 3,6 etc. are a challenge, not to mention 2,3659!!! I know we are not talking about rocket science here! It is perfectly fine to use approximate measurements and still succeed when baking, but sometimes I've wondered whether it would make a difference to be able to be a bit more exact when using American recipes. Well, ta-daa!! Now I will be able to do just that. See what I found in a store today! I am the proud owner of this measuring cup that has both cups/oz and ml/liter marked on it. I'm one happy camper today! :) Plus it snowed, quite a lot, too! :)

Here are a couple of useful links if you need to convert kitchen measurements:


anya said...

Dear Cinnamonda,

Congrats on getting such a fab measuring cup! You might as well use it for making pancakes the recipe of which I've just posted on my blog!!

Your beet root bread is gorgeous!!!

Cinnamonda said...

Thank you Anya! I will check out your recipe asap that it right now!:)


Hezzaa said...

Kiitos :D etsein helvetin kauan netistä miten paljon on 1 cup desilitroina DD::