Friday, 29 February 2008

Picks of the Month Feb. 08

Leap day. According to folk tradition in Finland, as in many other places, this is the day when women may propose marriage to men. If the man refuses, he is supposed to buy the woman material for a skirt. So, this morning when I sat in the metro on my way to work the female metro driver made an announcement to remind all the women onboard not to forget to propose to someone today, as all men are surely not carrying some skirt material with them! ;)

In case you want to learn more about leap day/year here's a few useful links:

Information on leap year on
Leap year traditions on

Wikipedia article on leap year

Ok, well, back to business then. :) Not only is today the leap day, it is also the last day of February (what a surprise! ;)) and that means time for Cinnamonda's Picks of the Month no 2.

My favorite posts around the blogosphere this past month were in no particular order:

1. Kate/Kajal from Aapplemint started February with a very interesting post on coffee in Ethiopia. Her photographs are just great, aren't they?

2. Annemarie from Ambrosia and Nectar posted a very nice recipe for a rhubarb crumble cake. Rhubarb being one of my favorite ingredients I just had to try the recipe. Luckily I had just enough rhubarb left in the freezer for one cake, as it is still some time before rhubarb season starts in Finland.
I had to improvise a little, as I did not have all the incredients mentioned in the recipe and my large cake tin was in the dish washer, but the cake turned out ok. Very tasty actually! :)

3. This month I really fell in love with the curried egg salad recipe by Heidi from 101 Cookbooks. This salad is absolutely fabulous! So easy to make, so tasty! So good that I had eaten it all before I remembered that I might have taken some pictures of my rendition of it... Well, I will definitely be making this salad many times in the future.

4. Pascale Weeks from C'est moi qui l'ai fait posted a very informative video on how to make petits pots de crèmes au chocolate. Plus I learned a few new words of French listening to her instructions. :)

5. Anya from Godful Food was kind enough to share with us food bloggers her grandmother's pancake recipe. If you want to make real Russian pancakes, this is the recipe for you!


anya said...

Thank you so much for promoting this pancake recipe!! ;) Your pancakes look sooooooo delish! Yum!!!

Heidi's Curried Egg Salad is my favourite, too! :) Everytime I have it I get virtually carried away!

It's a funny leap day's customary that says women can propose to men on this day. Some of my male colleagues introduced me to this tradition only today (I didn't realise such a thing actualy exists) asking me if I was going to propose them...huh? :) At first I got confused, then burst out laughing! :) Oh, by the way, did you propose to anybody? :p

Have a lovely weekend!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Nice picks!

Have a great weekend!



white on rice couple said...

Yes, These are all great! Thanks for listing this every month! We look forward to it!

Cinnamonda said...

Anya, you're welcome! Nooo, I did not propose to anyone on leap day. :)

Rosa, thanks! I'm glad you like the pictures. I like to take them. :)

White on rice couple, that's so nice to hear! More picks to follow in a month's time then!