Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Cardamom Meringues

After browsing many food blogs that featured the Daring Bakers' latest challenge lemon meringue pie, I got into mood to make some meringues of my own. I chose a simple recipe from a cookbook by ICA provkök in Sweden. The original title of the book is "Sju sorters kakor" (Seven sorts of cake (or maybe all sorts of cakes would be a better, if not a literal, translation)).

For a baking sheet full of meringues (circa 35) you will need:

3 egg whites
1 dl sugar
1 dl confectioners' sugar
2 tablespoons Maizena
1/2 teaspoon ground cardamom.

1. Heat the oven to 150 C. The original recipe actually says to heat the oven to 100 C, but such a low temperature is not possible using my oven, where 150 C is the lowest temperature. The little higher baking temperature seemed to work just fine and also shortened the baking time somewhat.
2. Combine the egg whites and 1/2 dl sugar. Using an electric mixer beat until soft peaks form.
3. Add rest of the sugar without ceasing to mix. Beat until you cannot hear the sugar in the bottom of the bowl anymore and hard peaks form.
4. Combine confectioners' sugar, Maizena and cardamom in another bowl and then fold carefully into the eggs and sugar mixture.
5. Using a piping bag pipe the mixture onto a baking paper covered baking sheet little at a time forming the meringues into any form you like. Instead of a piping bag you can also use a spoon.
6. Bake in 150 C for about 45 minutes or until the meringues are dry and feel very light.
7. Let cool properly before eating.

These meringues have a very nice cardamom flavour and a lovely, slightly golden colour.


anya said...

Every time I read your new posts I'm in awe about your baking skills! Is there a school that graduates daring bakers? ;)

Your cardamom meringues are just cuties!

rowena said...

Hi Tiina!
Thanks for the comment on my blog...I certainly am glad that you did!

Your post here on cardamom meringues is particularly interesting. They have these types of sweets in Italy as well but yours -- I like that the outside has a much more crunchy/crispy look. Delicious!

Also, I read your previous post on the Shrove buns and instantly thought of the swedish semla buns! Ohhhh! (my sweet tooth is insatiable) Anyway, your supersized Shrove buns and coffeebread looks fantastic. When I give it a try in my kitchen, I'll let you know. :-)

Kate / Kajal said...

wow , meringue is something i havent tried yet. I so want to try these... now with a new oven i have a huge to do list piling up. Yours look so perfect. I'm going to use your recipe.

Cinnamonda said...

Anya, Rowena and Kajal, thank you for your kind words!

Anya, I'm learning everytime I bake something for the first time. :) That's one of the reasons I like baking so much. It's an ongoing learning process, one can always learn something new. The fact is I have soooo much to learn. :)

Rowena, yes, Finnish Shrove buns are quite like Swedish semla buns. We have many rather similar traditions in Finland and Sweden, also when it comes to food. And I would love to hear how it went, if you try this recipe.

And Kajal, congrats on having a new oven! I hope you have already had the opportunity to "test drive" it. :)

maybellesmom said...

love the idea of cardamom meringues. I just made some rhubarb meringues. Do you think cardamon rhubarb meringues would be good? Maybe if served with a spiced tea... great site.

Cinnamonda said...

Hi Maybellesmom! Thanks for visiting my blog! I love rhubarb! Actually have a rhubarb pie in the oven just now. Interesting idea to add rhubarb AND cardamom to meringue batter... We should test drive it! :)