Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Buckthorn Smoothie

Sometimes something goes so wrong that it goes right! I have been wanting to try and make ice cream for a long time. The thing is I don't have an ice cream machine, but I know it is not necessary to have one in order to make ice cream. I was, also, well aware that making ice cream without a machine would be a long process and mean quite a lot of churning. What I did not take into account was that my freezer might not be able to freeze my ice cream-to-be!! Or, I don't know, maybe the milk I used was the wrong kind, or maybe I just was not patient enough. Anyways, after 1 hour the mixture had thickened a little, but no freezing in sight. After 2 hours, no more freezing. After 3 hours, nada. After... ok, the mixture smelled really nice, and it tasted really good, and...I gave up. It was not going to freeze, but I most surely wanted to eat it! It was not ice cream, but it was one extra silky and rich buckthorn smoothie worthy of a king...or an emperor!;)

Buckthorn Smoothie

Makes 1 big or 2 small smoothies

2 dl organic milk
2 dl organic cream
100 g (or less) granulated sugar
150 g buckthorn jam

1. Mix all the ingredients. Reduce the amount of sugar considerably, if the jam you are using is very sweet.
2. Freeze for a while. (Not for hours, 1/2-1 hour will probably be enough.)
3. Mix again.
4. Pour into a tall glass/two smaller glasses and enjoy right away.


Annemarie said...

I don't think I've ever eaten buckthorn. Sorry your ice cream didn't work out but it certainly doesn't seem like you suffered too badly. :)

Toni said...

OMG - You churned it for 2 hours??? Girl, you are amazing! I'd have given up after about 45 minutes at most! But I'll bet those were some of the best smoothies on earth!

anya said...

This is where failure (certainly not in your case though) meets the success (absolutely your case!)!!!

Cinnamonda said...

Annemarie, no, I did not suffer. :)Buckthorn berries are rich on vitamin-c, but actually I haven't either ever eaten fresh buckthorn berries, only jam and buckthorn yoghurt.

Toni, oh no, no, I did not churn it for 2 hours!! I waited it to freeze for maybe almost 4 hours, though. The smooties were very yummy, indeed! :)

Thanks, Anya!It certainly was such a case, but also fool's luck! :)


Dhanggit said...

i could very well emphatize on your story i failed on doing a recipe but the result was still great..im not familiar with buckthorn berries though, anyways smoothies are also perfect dessert!!

Cinnamonda said...

Hi Dhanggit! Thank you for visiting my blog! Smoothies are indeed very nice as dessert!


Kate / Kajal said...

buckthorn is an absolutely new ingredient to me and actually so is ice cream. still dont own one of those makers ... sigh ... one day !!!
sorry that didnt quite turn out as u wanted it to.but now u know if u even need a silky smoothie what u have to do :P

Cinnamonda said...

Yes, Kajal, my first try on making ice cream was definitely one of those "all's well that ends well" kind of things! :)